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G.R. Davis Pty Ltd is
one of the few companies to
offer premium 100%
Australian Eucalyptus oil.

Located at West Wyalong, in the NSW Riverina, the G.R. Davis eucalyptus and tea tree plantation stands as the largest plantation of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

With a focus on supplying customers, Geoff Davis (dec) established his first plantation at West Wyalong in 1949. Over the years, G.R. Davis has made large investments in breeding programs and plantation development and can therefore offer consistent, large volumes of premium Australian Eucalyptus oils that are not tied to harvest times or seasons.

The Company is able to achieve this by continual investment in the production side of the business; developing a large scale oil production property, breeding improved trees with guidance from Australian research and development organisations and introducing new, efficient and environmentally sustainable production methods.  Over 4,000,000 trees have been planted based on the results of an extensive 40 year tree breeding project. The success of this project is evident by the high oil yields being consistently achieved from this seed now in commercial production.