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Saving the Australian Malleefowl

By November 30th, 2023No Comments

Have you ever heard of the Australian Malleefowl? Prepare to be amazed by one of nature’s most remarkable animals.

In the heart of Australia’s ruggard outback, amidst the whispering eucalyptus trees and the rustle of dry leaves, lives a creature that defies the ordinary and embodies the essence of the wild – the Australian Malleefowl.

Known for their extraordinary nesting mounds and distinctive behaviour, these birds have captured the hearts of conservationists and nature enthusiasts alike. Sadly, their population is under threat due to habitat loss and fragmentation caused by various human activities.

At Euca – we love everything Australian and our Aussie Eucalyptus is sourced from only the very best supplier. Our Eucalyptus Oil is sourced locally from the heart of Australia, where Eucalyptus trees thrive – in West Wyalong and Queanbeyan NSW. Our partner G.R. Davis are a family-owned and operated business at the forefront of Australian Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil production of the very highest quality. G.R.Davis has been stepping up for the Malleefowl Recovery Program. For the past 50 years, the Davis family have been working side by side with the malleefowls that inhabit their property on the outskirts of West Wyalong. They have both survived through the harshest of droughts and managed to stand the tests of time.

This is where G.R. Davis steps in together with Riverina Local Land Services to support the Malleefowl Recovery Program, preserving this marvel of Australian wildlife for generations to come. Let’s dive into the details of the work impact they are making below.

Embracing Nature’s Bounty

Eucalyptus, with its refreshing fragrance and versatile properties, is the cornerstone of our sustainable household cleaning materials. We believe in sourcing only the best, and for us, the heart of Australia holds the most precious Eucalyptus trees.

It’s a commitment to quality and respect for the environment that led us to G.R. Davis, a family-owned business renowned for their excellence in Australian Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil production. For half a century, they’ve stood as guardians of this natural heritage, crafting oils of the highest quality while embracing the very land they call home.

G.R. Davis and the Malleefowls

G.R. Davis is more than just a supplier; they are custodians of a unique Australian treasure – the Malleefowl.

This mysterious bird, native to the Mallee region, weaves its existence into the very fabric of the Australian wilderness. With its remarkable nesting mounds and distinctive behaviour, the Malleefowl is a symbol of resilience and beauty. Yet, its population is threatened by the encroaching hands of agriculture, mining, and habitat loss.

Here, G.R. Davis steps in as unsung heroes. In 2016, they partnered with Riverina Local Land Services, forming a bond that would safeguard the Malleefowl’s habitat.

The Malleefowl Recovery Program

Through a decade-long agreement, G.R. Davis pledged to protect 153 hectares of virgin Mallee, constructing a three-kilometre fence to keep livestock out. This sanctuary not only preserves the natural ecosystem but also serves as a nourishing ground for the Malleefowls.

Farm manager Andrew Cumming kept a close eye on the implementation of the comprehensive plan for managing feral animals. To protect the Malleefowl from their predators, regular fox baiting and feral pig removal were crucial.

Join the Movement

The story of G.R. Davis, the Malleefowls, and Euca is more than just an inspiring narrative; it’s a call to action.

When you choose Euca, you’re not just opting for a sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning solution. You’re becoming a part of a movement that nurtures the very essence of our planet. A portion of every Euca product you buy is dedicated to the Malleefowl Recovery Program. By embracing our products, you’re not only enhancing your home but also contributing directly to the preservation of a unique and endangered species.

By embracing the power of your purchase, you become an integral part of a network of individuals, companies, and organisations working to protect our planet’s rich biodiversity. Together, we can ensure that the Malleefowl’s song continues to grace the Mallee region, echoing the message of harmony, resilience, and coexistence.

Euca is proud to partner with such an incredible local Aussie business.

For more info on the Malleefowl Recovery Program, please visit the G.R. Davis website below.

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