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Sustainable environmental management
is core of every component of
G.R. Davis operations.

G.R. Davis ceased the use of all fossil fuel for boiler firing in the 1980s by converting to farm produced biomass and have not used fossil fuel since.  In 2024, the Company installed a new state of the art European biomass boiler, still fired exclusively on waste biomass but also incorporating the latest combustion and efficiency standards.

Sustainable environmental management is core to every component of G.R. Davis operations.  As experienced agriculturalists, the Company has developed a range of projects alongside NSW Soil Conservation Service and Riverina Local Land Services.  These include managed control of the flow of water over the property improving water catchments, water security and combating erosion. A key management tool for soil health is the  application of organic mulch over harvested trees,  which improves moisture infiltration & retention, and importantly allows  native grasses to flourish between plantation rows.  These practices have effectively eliminated erosion on the property and improved soil health and oil yields.

G.R. Davis oils are produced with zero waste with farm produced biomass used in two ways: as renewable fuel to fire the boiler and as organic mulch spread over trees following harvest to assist in moisture retention and soil health.  The water for steam distillation is also recycled. G.R. Davis oils are produced using a complete 360% organic production cycle.

Sustainable environmental management is core to every component of G.R. Davis operations and the surrounding ecological community continues to thrive under G.R. Davis management. G.R. Davis has contributed two sizeable reserves for the National Mallee Fowl Recovery Program and supports the research and work of Riverina Local Land Services to protect this vulnerable listed bird.

Head office sustainability practices include the installation of solar power, LED lighting and a large underground rain-water tank.  G.R. Davis is committed to the development of self-produced renewables for the production of oil.